Book a Digital Working Audit

This is a three day processes carried out by as team of three researcher/experts in the field of digital working.

We’ll sweep through your organisation and capture an objective picture of your current approach to digital working and provide a clear picture of the gap between where you currently are and the potential for digital working in your organisation or business.

The process includes:

– an audit of core digital business and administrative processes, linked to strategic goals and objectives, as well as key strategic metrics

– an assessment of digital hardware use and the spread of device and gadget use – from PC to smart phone

– a map of your organisation’s digital realm in terms of the human-digital borderland, identifying opportunities to radical and incremental innovation

– an initial view of the quality of business consciousness and how digital working is helping or enhancing it – how clear are we seeing and how well are we internally and externally sensing vital changes and opportunities?

The research team will look for evidence-in-action, seeking our examples and comparing them to our story database of successful practice in other digital realms. The team will also engage in focus group activity and “look for” and “listen  for” opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.

A full feedback process ensures that results are embedded in real change in your organisation.

The audit focuses on how well the realms of physical and digital working resonate in terms of:

– integrating to deliver measurable business value
– enhancing business consciousness and operational effectiveness
– effecting seamless and lean communication and collaboration
– creating synergy between the digital Eco structure (creating a coherent device and platform strategy)
– ensuring that the organisation’s intranet serves the business process needs of the organisation

About Paul Levy

Paul is a writer, thinker, facilitator, theatre-maker, and conversifier. He is the author of the book, Digital Inferno.

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