Links: The Digital Realm at Home


Some interesting, disturbing, inspiring links about the digital inferno at home.


The first case of Google Glass web addiction ? (Sky News) – a story claiming a case of excessive internet use disorder using Google glass. So can Google Glass be addictive? (BBC News)

Internet Addiction turns teen into a ‘shell of a son’  ( – a worrying tale

The psychology of video game addiction (The Week) – a good overview article

Symptoms of video game addiction in teens ( – a useful list; and in adults;

Teen gaming may have positive as well as negative effects (Medical Xpress) – there may be less obesity, but there may be more depression and other psychological disorders and five tips for beating the addiction (The Telegraph)

Why the human brain prefers paper (author Ferris Jabr) – a revealing article in the Journal Scientific American

Learning and School

Is Digital Literacy ‘as important and reading and writing’? (The Telegraph) – explores this question and quotes a recent survey by Pearson

Does Technology hinder or help toddlers’ learning? (BBC New) – research from the University of Wisconsin concluded that interaction is a beneficial part of digital-based learning and development

Online homework and social media pose parental dilemma (BBC News) – Some 63%, of 2,000 UK parents polled in a survey said confiscating smartphones and tablets was futile.

In the bedroom

Tablets replacing TVs in children’s bedrooms (BBC News) – one in three children in the UK now has a tablet and they are taking over in the bedroom from television sets

Meal Times

Are smartphones and tablets killing your family meal times? (ParentDish) – an interesting article with practical advice mostly focused on “not” parenting

Tech is taking over the dinner table (Daily Mail) – the decline of shared, face to face eating, according to a survey

Parenting in the Digital Realm

A Mobile Phone Operator’s take on Parenting the Digital – Vodaphone offers various viewpoints on the digital realm – an example of a corporation’s selective attempt to be helpful

Check App Downloads – parents urged (Shropshire Star) – quoting Internet matters, this article urges parents to be careful of the “apps” that their kids are putting on their devices

The hidden dangers of too much screen time (A Healthier Michigan) – refers to some studies about the impact of too much screen time; with some helpful tips

How young is too young for technology ? (The Telegraph) – reporting on a survey conducted for the Tonight programme for ITV in the UK

Mobile ForceField app (Manchester Evening News) – an example of an App that can help parent keep tabs on messages and social media activity that might just harm their children

Peerenting versus Parenting – should we buddy our children or parent them old-style? (Parenting Ideas Blog) – An interesting view that is relevant to parenting in the digital realm

Should teens self-regulate their internet use?  (BBC News) – a view that sees banning as counter-productive

Six expert tips for keeping your kids safe on social media (Mashable) – A readable and short set of guidelines that might just keep your kids away from the dangers of the social web

The first porn-free city? (Chester Chronicle) – will Chester in the UK be the first city to apply porn-filters across is wifi in the city?

The Top Ten alternatives to video-gaming ( – a useful list

Safety and Security

A computer “worm” virus that seeks out insecure PCs at home (BBC News) – how safe is your data at home?

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