Give Digital Inferno to someone you love or care about this Christmas


Digital Inferno is an ideal Christmas present for your partner, a friend, a work colleague, or one of your older children.

It will help them begin the new year with a practical guide to using their digital devices more consciously and getting more out of them in the process. You might just end up reclaiming your bedroom, dinner table, and meeting rooms in the the process!

“An exciting book – full of hope for the future”, Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood.

Over 100 activities and exercises to raise your awareness and self-control in the digital realm

Stories and diaries from people getting on top of their gadgets and social media

A host of ways to enjoy the digital realm, get the most out of it, and not get addicted to it

Smart tips and advice for using social media – the realm of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, more consciously

Full of practical activities, tips and smart advice, as well as taking an uncomfortable deeper look into the digital realm, Digital Inferno is a gift on several levels at once: a gift to someone who is getting digitally addicted, to someone who doesn’t want to avoid the digital ream, but is worried they may be surrendering too quickly and too much to it. It might just be the most useful and beneficial gift you have given someone in years!

Digital Inferno offers a guide to staying conscious in the digital realm, offering over a hundred tips for holding your own and staying in control.

Facebook, Twitter, texting, snapping every moment with a camera – this might just be the present that gives those you care for, real presence in the world again.

You can buy Digital Inferno from Amazon in your country.

Buy it here in the UK in paperback. Or here on Kindle.

Buy it here  in the USA in paperback. Or here on Kindle.

What they are saying about Digital Inferno

Read Bookbag’s glowing review here Or a longer and excellent review in the Irish Times here..

‘This book is visionary and practical and both are needed at this time as the digital inferno spreads, setting fire to more and more elements of daily life.’Tom Bourner, Emeritus Professor of Personal and Professional Development, University of Brighton, co-author of Workshops That Work

‘An exciting book, full of hope for the future. By applying the concept of mindfulness to digital interactions, Paul Levy shows how we can get the most out of technology without losing touch with our essential humanity. Great stuff – thoughtful, insightful and very timely.’ – Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood

‘An insightful guide for those seeking to consciously navigate the noise and confusion of the digital age.’ – Daniel T. Jones, author of The Machine That Changed The World and founder of the Lean Enterprise Academy

‘A fascinating and thought-provoking survey of our digital times.’ – Cliff McNish, author of The Doomspell Trilogy

‘Our generation is gradually noticing the subtle effects of digital media in our lives. There are no clear answers as the effects are generative and emergent but it is useful to be mindful of the path we are creating. Paul Levy’s book is an eye opener. It is written with precision and full of insights on this ongoing interplay between people and technology. It is a great book for anyone keen to regain control of their relationship with gadgets and digital media in general.’Professor John Baptista, Associate Professor of Information Systems, University of Warwick

‘A fascinating, moving and practical dance of content exploring what awfully is and what awe fully might be as human civilization embraces digital virtuality. Brilliantly conceived and written.’ – Angus Jenkinson, author of From Stress to Serenity, Chief Organising Officer of the Civil Society Forum


About Paul Levy

Paul is a writer, thinker, facilitator, theatre-maker, and conversifier. He is the author of the book, Digital Inferno.

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