Gaining Mastery in the Digital Realm – work, play and home


Here are articles and posts at the borderland of personal and working life in the physical and digital realms.

Home Life and Work-Life Balance

Reclaiming Your Bedroom – Who is the real master in the master bedroom?

The Dangers of Digital Stupor – Managing Our Sleep

Reclaiming Your Home from Your Mobile Phone – starting to put the digital world in its place

Digital Distraction at Work – the new skill set

How to De-Cyborg Your Mobile Phone – Introducing the concept of “placement” – the secret of digital freedom

Parenting in the Digital Realm

Gaining Control Over Needs and Wants – how do we help our kids know the difference and control the compulsion to connect?

Getting Beyond Amazing – a look at how superlatives are taking over our children’s language

The Opportunity that Technology Steals from Us – an audio talk from Digital Inferno author, Paul Levy (hosted on our sister site, CATS3000

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