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Paul Levy has been working in the realm of digital working for over ten years.

He is author of the  book “Digital Inferno” and co-author or the book “Technosophy“.

He is also director of CATS3000

Paul offers consultancy, advice and support in:

– gaining personal and organisational mastery in the realms of digital living and working

– designing conscious and effective digital working processes and cultures

– assessing and understanding needs in digital working and living

– moving away for digital addiction, distraction and obsession

– meeting and interacting effectively in the realm of online meeting

You can book Paul for an on or offline talk, briefing or workshop.

Paul has designed and co-hosted, facilitated and given advice to hundreds of meetings in the digital realm, in the private and public sector, in the arts and in industry, all over the world. He’s facilitated online conferences, decision-making meetings, problem solving teams, live broadcasts and even online open space and improvisation sessions.

If you’d like book Paul for a virtual or face to face event, you are invited to get in touch.


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