The Blockchain and Bitcoin Realm


I’m a facilitator for the Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership Forum (BBLF). I’m increasingly involved in the conversation around cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and its underlying technology, Blockchain. Here you can find some of my writings.

How do you mine Bitcoin, and is it worth it? – an article for The Conversation about the current state of Bitcoin mining.

News from the Restless World of Bitcoin and Blockchain – an update on recent developments (|Feb 2016) in the Bitcoin and Blockchain world.  (Published on The Blockchain Bugle)

Meeting the Elusive Inventor of Bitcoin and Considering Bitcoin’s Year Ahead – a weird story and report on a BBLF meeting  (Published on The Blockchain Bugle)

Finally, interesting uses for the blockchain that go beyond bitcoin – how the blockchain us unravelling

After Bitcoin, are you ready for the next generation of cryptocurrencies? Another look at the future of blockchain technology

I’ll be adding more here, so do check back regularly.


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