The Digital Inferno – At Home

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Resources, articles and practical advice for staying conscious and in control of the digital inferno at home…

NEW! My cartoons exploring the digital inferno at work and it life

Staying Awake and Conscious in the Digital Realm

A Certain Disquiet with Targeted Advertising – being aware of the impact and the dangers and how to step clear and enjoy what is there

Are You Digitally Addicted? – twenty symptoms

Can we Auto-Correct Humanity?  Prince Ea’s powerful solo video about digital addiction

Compulsive Connecting – how free are you?

The Dangers of Digital Stupor – Managing Our Sleep

Excluding Friends and Being Social – what happens when gamers freeze their friends out

Flying Around the Virtual Cage: Exploring lockdown – The relationship between digital gadgetry and freedom

Freedom and Gadget-Binding – Gaining mastery over the digital realm

How to De-Cyborg Your Mobile Phone – Introducing the concept of “placement” – the secret of digital freedom

The Joy of Choosing the Moment – a fairly sentimental reflection of capturing and keeping digital and paper photographs

Keeping Conscious at the Computer Table – Let’s start with the computer

Links – some interesting, disturbing, inspiring links about the digital inferno at home

Looking at Pictures Online – What’s the difference between digital and real?

The Loss of Emotion and Embodiment in Children’s Gaming

Overview – You can listen to Paul on the Full Circle Podcast – where Paul talks to Robin Catling about digital awareness

Placement- the fundamentals – a core idea for digital realm mastery

Placing Your(self) in the Digital Inferno – a fundamental look

Reclaiming Your Bedroom – Who is the real master in the master bedroom?

Reclaiming Your Home from Your Mobile Phone – starting to put the digital world in its place

Starting Your Digital Detox – Identifying the symptoms of a need for s digital detox

Talking to Yourself – Virtually – A look at loneliness in the virtual and physical worlds

21 Tips for Holding Your Own in the Digital Realm – staying on top and in control

Waking up to Speaking on the Phone – Getting into your conscious voice

Will Erosion – The impact of digital addiction

Parenting in the Digital Realm

Excluding Friends and Computer Gaming – how to make play dates work in a digital world

Gaining Control Over Needs and Wants – how do we help our kids know the difference and control the compulsion to connect?

Getting Beyond Amazing – a look at how superlatives are taking over our children’s language

The Loss of Emotion and Embodiment in Children’s Gaming – are our kids becoming cold and calculating?

The New Digital Zone – seeing the digital realm positively but also for real

The Opportunity that Technology Steals from Us – an audio talk from Digital Inferno author, Paul Levy (hosted on our sister site, CATS3000

The Relentless Rise of the Superlative – getting away from “Amazing” and “Wow” back to authentic conversation

Health and Wellbeing

A New Year Digital Detox? – Fifteen tips (not just for the new year!) for detoxing your digital clutter and addiction

Coping with Faster Rates of Change – the notion of “future shock” and the power of slowing down and setting our own pace

How smart will it really be to let your smart watch give away your privacy? – will the new digital smart gadgets snoop on us in ways we would rather they didn’t?

Ten ways to let go of your digital day – practical help in letting go of your digital immersion

Your Digital Christmas and New Year

15 Ways to Rescue Your Christmas from Digital Addiction

On Christmas Morning – placing the digital realm consciously at Christmas

Reclaiming your Christmas from Digital Thinking – Christmas isn’t only about this or that, it is also about quality and depth

Re-engaging with physical things at Christmas – getting physical again can enhance your experience of Christmas

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