The Digital Inferno – At Work

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Resources, articles and practical advice for staying conscious and effective while engaged in the realm of digital working…

 Working Life

The Skills of Working in the Digital Realm

NEW! My cartoons exploring the digital inferno at work and it life

Digital and Face to Face Communication – the emerging skill set

Digital Distraction at Work – the new skill set

Digital Placement at Work – how to consciously locate and place the digital realm at work

Email time stealers – an audio talk hosted on our sister site, CATS3000

Evocative Texting – An emerging skill for microbloggers

Intranet Manager Blind Spots – A controversial view

Meeting and Broadcasting in the Realm of Digital Working – A unique and practical look at virtual meeting

Real Digital Interaction – A perspective on  how digital interaction can work

The Role of HR in the Realm of Digital Working – An article

Waking up to Speaking on the Phone – Getting into your conscious voice

Organisational Life

The Realm of Internal Communications

Digital Security and Governance

Five New Ways to Think About Privacy – why privacy does matter in social business and in life

Losing the Human Right to Delete – Claiming back the right to remove and purge

Philosophies and Strategies in the Digital Inferno

Beyond “Place” in digital working – A radical view

Communilaboration – A new approach to collaboration in the digital realm

The Diary of a Digital Refugee – Working in the spaces between the home and the office

Digital Distraction – A detailed look and some practical tips

Digital Working – A Look at Metaphors – Some developing ideas about the interestingly alien nature of digital working

The Failure of Imagination of the “Virtual Metaphor” – where it all went horribly right

New iPad? Tech firms have abandoned radical innovation for mediocrity – an article I wrote for The Cnnversation

View from the Shed – Broadcast 1 – The first of a series of vodcasts, this one challenges the idea there is a “digital work place” and suggests some better metaphors (the link is to our You tube Channel)

Viewpoint on the Digital Workplace – Some initial thoughts


 Social Media and Social Business

An Introduction to EASN – Antisocial Networking – the shadow side of Enterprise Social Networking

B2B Social Media – some essential quotes

Social Media- Storytelling or Propaganda? – the real role of storytelling in social media

The New Skill Set for Digital Content Management – Communication or Conversation? – a look at how to create a social media conversation

Why Social Business Usually Isn’t Social – a radical look

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