The Digital Inferno – Being Social

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Resources, articles and practical help for staying conscious in the social media swirl…


A Rough Guide to Healthy Tweeting – there are more conscious ways to be digital

The Art of Texting – Reacting from the Heart  – an exercise is conscious texting

Eloquent Tweeting – bringing grace into the digital world

Facebook Non-commitment – The dangers of virtual humanity

Fake Praise from No One in Particular – The Case of specific, authentic feedback in communications

Five New Ways to Think About Privacy – why privacy does matter in the digital realm

Losing the Thread – memory, anger and loss of control online

Placing Your Digital Gestures – smileys, Xs and conscious placement

Reacting from the heart – reconnecting with your feelings online

Reclaiming the Exclamation Mark – an article about how to shout less online and be more authentic when interacting

Reclaiming the Whole Narrative – the power and paucity of digital distraction

The Dark Side of Social Media Settings – what to know and what to do

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