The Realm of Digital Working


Here you will find resources focused on the realm of digital working.

The Skills of Working in the Digital Realm

Email time stealers – an audio talk hosted on our sister site, CATS3000

Evocative Texting – An emerging skill for microbloggers

Intranet Manager Blind Spots – A controversial view

Meeting and Broadcasting in the Realm of Digital Working – A unique and practical look at virtual meeting

Real Digital Interaction – A perspective on  how digital interaction can work

The Role of HR in the Realm of Digital Working – An article

Waking up to Speaking on the Phone – Getting into your conscious voice

The Realm of Internal Communications

Content Resonance – A new approach to content creation and management

The Mixed Metaphors of Internal Communications – An article about the metaphors that dominate internal communication and there benefits and problems that arise

The Ongoing Conversation on Internal Communications – An article about the changing role of internal communications

The Tiredness of Digital Content – A viewpoint

Digital Security and Governance

Losing the Human Right to Delete – Claiming back the right to remove and purge

Philosophies and Strategies in the Digital Inferno

Beyond “Place” in digital working – A radical view

Communilaboration – A new approach to collaboration in the digital realm

The Diary of a Digital Refugee – Working in the spaces between the home and the office

Digital Distraction – A detailed look and some practical tips

Digital Working – A Look at Metaphors – Some developing ideas about the interestingly alien nature of digital working

The Failure of Imagination of the “Virtual Metaphor” – where it all went horribly right

View from the Shed – Broadcast 1 – The first of a series of vodcasts, this one challenges the idea there is a “digital work place” and suggests some better metaphors (the link is to our You tube Channel)

Viewpoint on the Digital Workplace – Some initial thoughts


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