Doing Digital Properly


Digital Inferno is hosted and authored by writer and facilitator, Paul Levy. (@diginfernobook)

Paul is the author of the ground-breaking  new book, Digital Inferno,  published  by Clairview Books which was launched on October 13th 2014. It was featured in the Sunday Times, the Daily Mail, and the Huffington Post.

The book is available here. You can also download it on Kindle.

Paul is the founder of CATS3000, a company that works all over the world, in different sectors and different types of organisation.

What We Do

We research, explore, create and offer advice and consultancy in the areas of…

Physical and digital living and working

Mobile and virtual addiction, entanglement and freedom

Holding your own in the digital realm

We offer help in creating conscious and beneficial digital living and working.

And we hope you enjoy and benefit from the ideas, approaches and resources here.


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